Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cute Muslim Kid Praying - Part (2)

Cute Muslim Kid Praying (Photo Gallery) - Part 2

Hi.. Assalamu alaykum for all muslim special for cute muslim kid lovers .. 

After a
long time I did not publish a photos of Cute Muslim Kid Praying,  alhamdulillah in this time we bring back the collections of Cute Muslim photo, hopefully all visitors can smiling, and coud be used as inspiration and motivation for our kid as islam generations who love Allah, the prophet and islam ... amin :)

1- Cute Muslim Kid Praying 

She is looks like iranian little girl or persian girl, masha allah so cute :)

2- Cute Muslim Kid Praying

waw..this cute muslim kid is look very seriously ..but it's make him look so cute hehe...  :D
if we look a background, we will know this litlle kid is praying in masjid nabawi saudi arabia..


3- Cute Muslim Kid Praying

hehe..this litlle kid is look very cute with ihram clothing  :) he'is praying beside ka'bah in makkah


4. Cute Muslim Kid Praying

 masha allah...they look very compact and cute :) I think they come from pakistan...


5. Cute Muslim Kid Praying

Subhanallah they look so beautiful...  may allah blessing their parents ...amin


6. Cute Muslim Kid Praying


in this moment i just sharing 6 photos of cute muslim kid praying , insya allah in the next posting i will add more, and if you want more picture about cute muslim kid, visit this blog :  http://cute-muslim.blogspot.com/


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