Friday, April 20, 2012

Rachid Nekkaz

This is Rachid Nekkaz, An Algerian Muslim just created a Charitable organization and announced he will pay all fines for women who are charged with wearing the niqab — not just in France but “in whatever country in the world that bans women from doing so”

He was born in
9 January 1972, now he is a  French businessman and political activist.
Rachid first came into the public eye in 2007 as a potential candidate for French presidential election. He caught media attention by purchasing the sponsorship of André Garrec, Mayor of Noron-la-Poterie, who had offered his support for auction, and tearing it up in front of the cameras. However, he failed to secure the 500 endorsements required.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How beautiful ... Eid prayer beside the mountain

Subhanallah, so beautiful panorama on the slopes in one mountain in java Indonesia, andthen the cool air will certainly add its own nuances for prayers this Eid prayer, it seems this little girl come to pray Eid beside his mother, his unique instead he turned to the cameraman hehe .. : D

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