Friday, May 21, 2010

20 Mei "Draw Muhammed Day" vs Introduce Prophet Muhammad Day"

An Introduction to Prophet Mohammed PBUH

Muhammad ibn Abdullah was born in an environment of ignorance and hate; where people worshiped numerous idols and were divided into tribes. They cut ties of kinship between them and fought each other for most trivial reasons, where the strong oppressed the weak.

Until God sent them a messenger, Prophet Mohammad; a mercy upon mankind, may peace and blessings be upon him. They knew well his honorable lineage, and he was known for his truthfulness and honesty. He invited them to the oneness of God and to worship Allah alone, and to abandon worship of idols. He ordered them to adhere to truthfulness, honesty, loyalty and the fulfillment of promises. He ordered them to commit to honoring one's parents, upholding the ties of kinship,
being a good neighbor, and justice between people. He ordered them to stop tribalism, bloodshed, wish good for one another, encouraged them to give charity to the poor, to take care of the widows and the orphans, and to free slaves. He commanded them to perform prayers for God, commit to charity , fasting the month of Ramadan, to worship Allah alone and to ascribe no partners unto Him.

But why do some people deliberately distort the image of our beloved Prophet Mohammad? Why do some media outlets publish lies about him? Is it a misunderstanding or is it an organized conspiracy? Or is it a mixture between the two? A mixture that happened in an age of deception. An age where the truthful is condemned to be lying, the liar is thought to be trustworthy, an age where the betrayer is entrusted and the honest is condemned of betrayal. An age of confusion between the truth and falsehood, where the truth seems false and the false seems true.

But however high falsehood raises and however tough concepts get mixed, the light of God cannot be extinguished by anything, and guidance is a inevitable to those who are seeking the truth.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Palestinian girls win prize at Intel International Competition

The 14-year-old girls, Aseel Abu Aleil, Aseel Alshaar and Noor Alarada, took their prize for a prototype walking cane for the blind that "beeps" to alert the user of drop-offs and obstacles. The girls were the first Palestinians to participate in Intel's international youth science fair.

"Unlike other electronic canes that send an infrared signal forward, the girls’ invention has a 'seeing' sensor below that beeps when the surface changes, such as near stairs, holes or water, up to 30 inches away," the UN report said.

The girls received high praise from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when the met the leader at UN headquarters in New York.

"This is a story about brain power not fire power. You are not only helping the blind, but helping the world to see," Ban said. "I am very impressed by your brilliant idea. This is the truth that I repeat every day. By empowering women, we can achieve anything in the world."

Abu Aleil came up with the idea for the cane after seeing her blind aunt and uncle navigate the steep hills of Nablus. Abu Aleil built the cane with Aseel Alshaar and Noor Alarada.

Fashioning the cane was no simple task after the science and theory - locating the spare parts in the West Bank was difficult, and gathering them from Israel was not much of an option given the travel restrictions faced by Palestinians. Still, they were able to build two prototype canes after several trips to Ramallah, which meant braving two Israeli checkpoints, to hunt for the circuits and sensors in electronics stores.

Obstacle-detecting canes are nothing new - so-called "laser canes" have been around since the 1970s. But the girls' cane resolves a flaw found in previous canes, according to the American Federation of the Blind's technology division director Mark Uslan, as their cane detects holes and drop-offs.

The girls returned to Nablus with $250 in each of their pockets and plans to "have a big party," the UN report said.

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