Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad husband and Beautiful wife (a muslim family story)

(illustration picture)

Narrated from Abu Hasan Al Madany said: 'One time Imran bin Haththan go home to his wife. Imran is the man who is old, ugly and short stature. He saw his wife dressed up, while his wife is a beautiful woman.
When Imran's wife suddenly noticed his wife said, "What's wrong with you?," Really, by Allah, you are absolutely gorgeous, very beautiful ! ". Imran said." Good luck and be happy O my husband, you and me will enter Jannah (Paradise), insya allah. "His wife said.
Imran said, "How did you know?". Then his wife said: "You have a wife like me then you are grateful and thanks to allah. And I tested had a husband like you and me to be patient, while those who are patient and grateful, both in jannah (paradise). ^_^

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