Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ummah Faces (Avatars version)

Ummah Faces (Avatars version)

Islam is a religion of universal, cross country, race, ethnicity, language, etc., in Islam there is no different in front of god, all men are equal, the difference is the level of each faith and taqwa

In this edition we will show the Ummah Faces from various countries in the form of caricature avatars, this pictures designed by the designer muslim in Germany; style islam.

Ummah Faces in Avatars version are quite unique and funny, so you can download it free and then make it as a profile photo on facebook, blogs, and others, thanks :-)

  • European Muslim & Muslima Faces

  • Indian Muslim & Muslima faces

  • Arab Muslim & Muslima faces

  • Bosnian Muslim & Muslima faces

  • Asian (Indonesian/Malaysian) Muslim & Muslima faces

  • Turkish Muslim & Muslima faces

  • African Muslim & Muslima faces

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